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I made the variable from a string like this: (which is in the RFC 2822 date format btw) $date = 2011-10-18T19:5 Add/subtract minutes from current date My goal is to have current date/time offset by given amount of minutes (negative or positive).

Is the value meant to be noon in Pakistan or noon in France or noon in Québec?

9 answers Time – hour minute manipulation 3 answers I want to add minutes in gmt time.

I am gett How to add minutes to a date variable in java [duplicate] This question already has an answer here: Java : how to add 10 mins in my Time 6 answers I have a date variable (end Time) with some value (eg : ). Try with yyyy-MM-dd HH:mm Other approach: It can be as simple as this (other option is to use joda-time) /* * Convenience method to add a specified number of minutes to a Date object * From: * @param minutes The number of minutes to add * @param before Time The time that will have minutes added to it * @return A date object with the specified number of minutes added to it */ private Date add Minutes To Date(int minutes, Date before Time) //Added and removed minutes to increase current range dates Date hora Inicial Corte Especial = Date Minutes(new Date(corte Time()),-1) Date hora Final Corte Especial = Date Minutes(new Date(corte Time()),1) Use the excellent classes for date-time work. The classes use standard ISO 8601 formats by default for parsing/generating strings of date-time values.

If you meant noon in Pakistan, say so by including at least the offset-from-UTC ( ), and better still, the name of the time zone (Asia/Karachi).

If you want the same moment as seen through the lens of UTC, extract an Instant. The Three Ten-Extra project extends with additional classes.

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