Adult children widowed parent dating

Validate: Use your active listening skills – paraphrase what they’ve said or what you perceive to be their feelings about the issue you’re discussing and ask if what you’re hearing is accurate.

Thank them for their concern and say you want them to know that your current choices about how you are raising your children are not in any way a reflection of them or the way they raised you.

There were constant arguments, followed by silent treatments, and even emotional abuse.

Depending on their ages and abilities, different amounts of information can be shared with children.

Don’t give them too much – or too little – to handle.

As a child, I saw my parents argue constantly with my grandparents and it left my brothers and me confused and uncomfortable – that was, until major boundaries were set.

We spoke with home and family expert Amy Goyer about what to do when we have toxic relationships with our kids’ grandparents, and the tough questions that follow.

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