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Then there is the instinct among moviegoers to share the experience of seeing a major new film in a state-of-the-art theater with superior sound and a giant screen.It's doubtful that anyone would have bypassed the chance to see the latest "Star Wars" or James Bond flick in a theatrical environment where such movies are often attended by groups of friends who enjoy debating the merits of the film afterward.Existing customers can still see a different movie every day but are still barred from repeat viewings of the same film.New customers are supposed to take solace from receiving a three month trial to a subscription radio station...that's caused a backlash because the subscription automatically continues on a pay basis unless the customer pro-actively remembers to stop it.Pay for View concerts and sporting events can command such prices but they are largely paid by groups of people who gather in the same room and share the expense of streaming the one-time event.Does anyone think they will be able to rally friends and neighbors to chip in to see the latest Nicolas Cage or Adam Sandler flick?The Screening Room is obviously gambling that there are enough well-heeled movie fanatics out there who will find this to be yet another excuse not to get up from their living room recliners and journey out to a theater.

At the same time, the Fortune article addresses the poor customer service at Moviepass, which lacks a phone number customers can call if they experience problems.Theaters are stuck in a dilemma: they can deny Moviepass a percentage of those precious concession revenues but if Moviepass dies, their theaters will have far fewer customers.Moviepass has announced a "temporary" change to its core program: new subscribers will only be able to see up to four movies a month- and customers can only see the same movie once." Inevitably, the answer was met with silence because the logic is obvious: it would be inexcusably rude to read from a novel at a dinner table just as it would be rude to read a cell phone.New technology such as streaming movie services is wonderful in many ways but there it might diminish the collective experience of seeing movies with appreciative audiences.Costco also includes a year's subscription to the classic movie streaming site Over 2 million people subscribe to the program through A., from Montana to Florida, you could go to a different movie every day of the week. Moviepass has been predictably bleeding red ink from its business design, which sees the company paying participating theaters the full price of a customer's ticket. The company only gets .95 per month from each subscriber but in big cities, Moviepass has to pay out as much as bucks a ticket to theaters every time the customer attends a movie.Some skeptics have stayed away on the basis that the service was too good to be true. Moviepass too good to be true and subscribers have become fervent enthusiasts of the service. Moviepass has gambled that they would have enough leverage over theater chains to coerce them into revenue sharing proceeds from concession sales.An article in Fortune addresses the challenges to Moviepass and casts doubt on whether existing customers will be able to continue to enjoy their "movie a day" plan when they renew their subscriptions. On the other hand, even seeing four movies a month would probably satisfy the average subscriber, so it isn't known how many subscribers might defect- and if they do, what will they gain?They will just end up paying much more at theater boxoffices.Even the best of screen comedies are so much better when you are joined in the laughter by others.In the case of The Screening Room, there is scant evidence that this particular program would be successful.

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