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Howard thanked the guys for coming in and then moved on to Steve Langford.Howard 100 News, Wrap Up Show And Superfan Roundtable Previews. am Howard moved on to Steve Langford and asked him what he had for them.Steve said that Blue Iris had a 7 pound tumor removed from her uterus. He mentioned that she knew something was wrong when she started spot bleeding.Steve said that they also have a story about reporter Ira Glass talking about how Howard's show is the happiest show on radio.It's the infamous ''Leroy Jenkins'' clip that has been on the web for years.Howard played the clip and Robin laughed her ass off at the guys freaking out over the game.He said that people can put in an application if they want to join that guild.

The dentist gave a shout out to his World Of Warcraft guild.

Howard congratulated him on getting through dental school and said he didn't have much of anything else to say to him.

Fred went into his President of Eritrea impression and told some jokes that went over Howard's head.

He said that it's like he's never done that before and wondered why the staff didn't have microphones in there. One of the guys didn't want to be on the air so he passed on talking at all.

The other guy said he could talk and he was a dentist from Long Island.

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