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It had about 600 staff and covered all aspects of spectrum management, including international negotiation, spectrum monitoring, regulation, research and licensing.

Vijav Alezais in “Wolf” (1994) – age 66 (heart attack)07 – Sylvester Potts, Singer – Motown group The Contours, “Do You Love Me” (1962) – age 7907 – Eddie Kamae, Singer/Composer – founder of The Sons of Hawaii, Ukulele Hall of Fame Inductee – age 8908 – Peter Sarstedt, English Singer/Songwriter – “Where Do You Go To (My Lovely)?Nicki Minaj's ex has gained new adoring fans and business propositions since pics of his manhood leaked online ... He suggests she was joking, but they were on and off for about 12 years ... The rapper also tells us his leaked d*** pics are opening new doors, but venturing into the porn industry is a door he wants to keep shut. Safaree says his normal biz is also booming since his big reveal ... Nicki used to always say to him -- if he wasn't so blessed downstairs, she would have left him. Bennet in the BBC TV production of “Pride and Prejudice” (1995) – age 8030 – Monty Hall, Game Show Host (CA/US) – hosted and produced “Let’s Make a Deal” (1963 – 1991 incl syndication) – age 96 (heart failure) ?? Ted Hoffman on TV show “Ben Casey” (1961-’66) age – 9602 – Tom Petty, Singer/Songwriter – Tom Petty and the Heart Breakers: “I Won’t Back Down”, “Free Fallin”, Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductee (2002) – age 66 (sudden heart attack)06 – Terry Downes, Professional Boxer (UK) – World middleweight champion (1961-’62) – age 8106 – Hervé L Leroux, Fashion Designer (FR) – founder of Hervé Leger making dramatic draped and gauze dresses – age 6006 – Ralphie May, Standup Comedian – he made 7 comedy albums and Comedy Central specials – age 45 (cardiac arrest)07 – Jimmy Beaumont, Singer – founded The Skyliners; “Since I Don’t Have You” (1959), “Pennies from Heaven” (1960) – age 7608 – Y. Tittle, Pro football quarterback – played for several teams (1948-1964), inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame 1971 – age 9010 – Robert Schiller, Television Screenwriter – “I Love Lucy” (1955–1957), “All in the Family” (1977–1979) – age 9812 – Joan Blos, Writer – advocate for children’s literature, wrote “A Gathering of Days” (1979) – age 8815 – Sean Hughes, Actor/ stand-up comedian (Irish) – created and starred in the TV show “Sean’s Show” (1992-’93) – age 51 (cirrhosis of the liver)16 – Roy Dotrice, Actor (UK) – Leopold Mozart in the movie “Amadeus” (1984) – age 9416 – John Dunsworth, Actor (CAN) – drunk trailer park supervisor Jim Lahey on TV show “Trailer Park Boys” (2001-’07) – age 7117 – Gord Downie, Musician (CAN) – lead singer for the band The Tragically Hip (1984-his death) – age 53 (glioblastoma brain cancer)17 – Danielle Darrieux, Actress (FR) – she acted for 80 years; “Lady Chatterley’s Lover” (1955), “Rich, Young and Pretty (1951)” – age 10018 – Brent Briscoe, Actor – played Scooter Hodges in “Sling Blade” (1996), and JJ in the TV show “Parks and Recreation” (2011-15) – age 5620 – Judith Mc Grath, Actress (AUS) – Colleen Powell in soap opera “Prisoner” (1979–1984), Von Ryan in “All Saints” (1998–2009) – age 7021 – Rosemary Leach, Actress (UK) – “That’ll Be the Day” (1973) and “A Room with a View” (1986) – age 8122 – Scott Putesky (Daisy Berkowitz), Musician – played lead guitar with Marilyn Manson’s band, “White Knuckles”, “Cake and Sodomy” – age 49 (colon cancer)22 – George Young,, Musician (AUS) – played with the Easybeats, charted with “Friday on My Mind” and “Love Is in the Air” – age 7023 – Paul J.Weitz, Naval Officer/NASA Astronaut – stayed in space for 28 days on Skylab 2 (1973) and commanded the first Challenger mission (1983) – age 85 (myelodysplastic syndrome)24 – Fats Domino, Singer/Songwriter – “Ain’t That a Shame” (1955), “Blueberry Hill” (1956), he sold over 65 million records – age 8924 – Robert Guillaume, Actor – Benson on the TV-series “Soap” (1977-’81) and “Benson” (1979-’86) – age 89 (prostate cancer)24 – Patricia Llewellyn, TV producer (UK) – developed the cooking shows “Two Fat Ladies”, “The Naked Chef”, “Ramsay’s Kitchen Nightmares” – age 55 (cancer)25 – Jack Bannon, Actor – Art Donovan on TV show “Lou Grant” (1977-’82) – age 77 01 – Katie Lee, Folk Singer – albums “Folk Songs of the Colorado River” (1964), “Colorado River Songs” (1997) – age 9805 – Nancy Friday, Author – wrote feminist erotic books; “My Secret Garden” (1973), “Forbidden Flowers” – age 84 (Alzheimer’s disease)05 – Robert Knight, Singer – “Everlasting Love” (1967), “Free Me” (1961) – age 7206 – Richard F.Gordon Jr, Captain USN & NASA Astronaut – Command Module Pilot for the Apollo 12 mission to the moon – age 8807 – Roy ‘Doc’ Halladay, MLB Pitcher – in 2010 he threw 2 no-hitters in the same season, won the Cy Young award in both the AL and NL – age 40 (one person plane crash)07 – Brad Harris, Actor/Stuntman – “Samson” (1961), “The Fury Of Hercules” (1962) – age 8407 – Pat Hutchins, Childrens Books Author (UK) – “Rosie’s Walk” (1968), “The Wind Blew” (1974) – age 7509 – John Hillerman, Actor – played Jonathan Higgins II on Magnum, P. (1980-88), won a Golden Globe and an Emmy Award – age 8412 – Liz Smith, Journalist/Gossip Columnist – “The Grand Dame of Dish”, wrote for New York Daily News and Cosmopolitan – age 9415 – Gustav Åhr, Rapper – known as”Lil Peep”, songs “White Wine”, “Benz Truck” released on You Tube – age 21 (drug overdose)15 – Keith Barron, Actor (UK) – Gregory Wilmot in “Upstairs, Downstairs”, “The Odd Man” (1960-63) – age 8316 – Earle Hyman, Actor – Cliff’s Huxtable’s father, Russell Huxtable in the “Cosby Show” (1984-92) – age 9116 – Ann Wedgeworth, Actress – Lana Shields in “Three’s Company”, Merleen Elldridge in “Evening Shade” (1990-94) – age 8318 – Malcolm Young, Musician/Guitarist (AUS) – co-founder of rock group ACDC; “Back In Black”, “Highway to Hell” – age 64 (early onset Alzheimer)19 – Warren “Pete” Moore, Singer/Songwriter – original member of The Miracles R&B Group “The Tracks of My Tears” – age 78 (died on his birthday)19 – Della Reese, Singer (multi genre)/Actress – Tess in TV show “Touched by an Angel” (1994-2003); as a singer “Don’t You Know?” (1959) – age 8619 – Mel Tillis, C&W Singer/Songwriter – “I Ain’t Never”, “Good Woman Blues”; CMA Entertainer of the Year 1976 – age 8520 – Terry Glenn, NFL Football player – with New England Patriots he held the most receptions in a single season – age 43 (single car accident)21 – Rodney Bewes, Actor (UK) – Bob Ferris in BBC TV series “The Likely Lads” (1964–66) and “Whatever Happened to the Likely Lads?The material from our legacy regulators is now maintained by the National Archives.For current information, please look in the main body of the Ofcom site as these links are for historical information only.” (1973–74) – age 7921 – Wayne Cochran, Soul Singer – a/k/a The White Knight of Soul, biggest hit “Goin’ Back To Miami” – age 7821 – David Cassidy, Actor/Singer – portrayed Keith Partridge in TV series “The Partridge Family” (1970-74) – age 67 (cirrhosis of the liver)22 – Buzz Belmondo, Comedic actor – portrayed Buzz on “Out of This World” (1987-’91) – age 70 (blood cancer)22 – Jon Hendricks, Jazz musician/Singer – known for his scat singing and vocalese – age 9624 – Wesley L.Fox, Colonel USMC (retired) – 43 years of service (1950–1993), Medal of Honor recipient for actions in Vietnam – age 8625 – Rance Howard, Actor – played the Announcer Al Fazin in “Cinderella Man”(2005) Father of Director Ron Howard – age 8925 – Julio Oscar Mechoso, Actor – played Detective Ruiz in “Bad Boys” and “Blue Streak” – age 62 (heart attack)29 – Heather North, Voice Actress =- Daphne Blake in the Scooby-Doo TV series and movies – age 71 (cardiopulmonary arrest)30 – Jim Nabors, Actor/Singer – Gomer Pyle on TV shows; “The Andy Griffith Show” and “Gomer Pyle USMC” – age 87 02 – Mundell Lowe, Jazz Musician/producer – Produced and scored themes for movie “Billy Jack” and TV show “Starsky & Hutch” – age 9504 – Christine Keeler, Model/Socialite (UK) – married yet notorious for her affairs, with a Russian diplomat which led to the discrediting of Harold Macmillan’s party (1963) – age 7505 – Ron Meyer, College and Pro Football Coach – New England Patriots (1982-85) Indianapolis Colts (!

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  1. I am going to deploy it, in order to see things live and discuss each operation in detail. To test this API, i will use an external client POSTMAN (An extension from CHROME). Notice that we did not specify any HTTP header here. Good thing about Spring inbuilt converters are that most of the time they just need certain library in classpath in order to perform conversion.

  2. As my hair inched up my neckline over the few years prior, my previous boyfriend also insinuated that he preferred if I ‘let it grow out.’When 2013 guy made that comment, it cemented the question put in the back of my head by the earlier boyfriend: are men perceiving me differently because my hair is short?