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It is the thrill of meeting a new person, who is not from your usual surroundings2.

It could potentially lead to a long-term relationship3.

It is definitely the most popular platform out there, but that also opens it up to a lot of spam and catfishes. Tinder is insanely easy to use, with a simple interface that is really easy to get the hang of. It’s quite difficult to find something special and long-term on it.3) Ok Cupid: What OKCupid lacks in users, it makes up for in the complexity of the algorithm.

Ok Cupid asks you for your interests and matches you with people based on that.

It lets you message people even if you haven’t matched with them.

You never run out of people on the app, which is really great. From what I have experienced they never post on Facebook without your permission. The reason Tinder is second is because it screams casual dating.But knowing that my date and I share an interest in Politics, or Star Wars, or Bollywood Music, really helps the process along.I also love that it lets you fine-tune your preferences to only meet the type of people you’d like to talk to in real life.However, I feel it’s really easy to create fake IDs on the platform which could definitely be changed.4) Happn: Happn makes the experience very localized.It only connects you with people who you have crossed paths with.Best of all, they don’t post anything to your Facebook profile (or they haven’t yet), which makes it even better.Essentially how it works is you log in, add your profile picture and your interests.A lot of my friends have stayed altogether away from online dating because it’s, in their words, “too casual.” Further yet, the experience is often soured by fake online bots and cat-fish profiles.So if you use Dating apps for a similar purpose, here are my top 5 favorite dating apps.1) Special Dating App: It isn’t very commonplace, so it is still safe from trolls and bots.With casual dating, the name of the game, online dating has become a heaven for hook-ups and casual encounters.Rarely have they led to something more profound and meaningful.

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