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For HTML there are solutions such as htmlpurifier out a rule of thumb, always escape anything you output.Users can create a full album of all their most favorite trendy stuff from around the globe and all over the web.Fantacy is a Multi-vendor script with many interesting social e Commerce features.It's a common misconception that user input can be filtered.PHP even has a (now deprecated) "feature", called magic-quotes, that builds on this idea. Forget about filtering (Or cleaning, or whatever people call it).Today more and more users are going mobile - the responsive layout of WSCreator adapts to any type of screen sizes, including tablets and smartphones.It's also SEO optimized - using urls looking like static html pages, keywords in the page titles and others to improve the ranking in search engines.

Earn revenue by availing banners to display images of vendors to improve their sales.Since 2003 we've been creating turnkey website solutions and have put all our knowledge and efforts to create this business directory script and make it as optimized, user friendly and secure as possible.It comes loaded with plenty of features and is optimized for speed and performance.PHP also has filter_input built in which is a good place to start.2) This is a large topic, and it depends on the context of the data being output.WSCreator is provided with the not encrypted source codes (and there is no extra fee for that) - so you or developers working for you could make modifications in them.There are also no hidden fees like fee to remove the Powered By nor fee to do the installation for you etc.What you should do, to avoid problems, is quite simple: whenever you embed a string within foreign code, you must escape it, according to the rules of that language.For example, if you embed a string in some SQL targeting My Sql, you must escape the string with My Sql's function for this purpose ( case where you need to actively filter data, is if you're accepting preformatted input. if you let your users post HTML markup, that you plan to display on the site.As for the SQL injection attacks, make sure you check the user input, and then run it though mysql_real_escape_string().The function won't defeat all injection attacks, though, so it is important that you check the data before dumping it into your query string. The PDO library and mysqli extension support these. Using prepared statements, or/and filtering with mysql_real_escape_string is definitely a must.

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