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Same firefight, reverse angle - US fire team on right, insurgents on left. The insurgent morale needs to be lowered for factions without leaders. Right now, rifles have 24"/48"/96" ranges, and the effect of all optics - reflex or magnified - is to double range. In Force on Force, they just add another die of firepower.

The first aid skills of the US troops keeps their casualties in the fight, even if wounded. Leaders will add both initiative and morale bonuses to insurgent cells, just as they do to conventional units, but the insurgents will have lower baseline statistics and need leaders to try to keep up with conventional troops. This makes optic-equipped rifles deadly in the hands of conventional troops with adequate marksmanship training, and gives them a marked advantage over the insurgents. At no point did the insurgents ever have much of a fighting chance after the bullets started flying. When you give them a blast radius, a lucky shot can be a game changer as it was at the end of this play test.

Gaby Roslin has been tipped as a possible replacement for Miss Vorderman, as has the model and musician Myleene Klass.

Just got done recording some voice overs for the NEW #paranormallockdown special that BOTH the US and U.

I'm not 2 clear on the nitty gritty, but fr what I was told demolishing it went against the laws in place to protect historical buildings. There's another place in FL that they recently demolished, I think parts are still there(? It was basically another Hotel Del, but w loads more activity.

This one was crazy 2 bc they had experts saying the building could be saved & $ lined up as well.

And I am more appalled than anything about that below the belt comment that was used saying 'It survived Richard Whiteley, it will survive you'. How dare they."Miss Apanowicz, a former actress, added: "It was callous because Carol was very close and was like Richard's little sister.

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The green stress markers reduce unit efficiency as they accumulate in the turn.

The orange markers represent wounded troops, the red markers dead ones. As the game went on, I tinkered with different ideas about how to execute it.

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