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'The Contest' effortlessly takes a potentially incendiary subject and renders it utterly inoffensive yet hilarious." Donna Dorsett from commented on the refusal to use the word "masturbation," saying, "If the word had been used, even once, the show would not have been nearly as hilarious.The episode was totally inoffensive." Jerry Seinfeld claimed that he had never heard of the song "The Wheels on the Bus" before recording the episode.The cast and crew commented positively on the similarity in appearance between Harris and Jason Alexander, as it made it more believable that their characters could be related.Alexander's real-life mother looks similar to Harris.Kennedy, Jr.; Jerry is frustrated because Marla, a virgin who he started dating in the previous episode, "The Virgin", won't have sex with him. Elaine shares a cab ride with Kennedy, and tells him that she lives Uptown near Jerry in order to extend the ride.He sedates his urges by watching children's shows like Tiny Toons. Kennedy wants to see her, and says he'll drop by Jerry's apartment.David won a Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Individual Achievement in Writing in a Comedy Series for the episode."The Contest" received a Nielsen rating of 13/19, meaning that the episode was watched by an average of 13% of households and 19% of all televisions were tuned to the episode when it was broadcast.

It has since become a catchphrase in popular culture, although it is not always used in reference to masturbation.

However, in the series finale, he confesses that he cheated.) Marla is shown in bed with Kennedy, having finally lost her virginity to him. Kenny Kramer claimed that there actually was a contest in which David and some friends of his took part, although he did not initially want to take part because he thought he could not win it. When David came up with using the idea for an episode of Seinfeld, he did not talk about it with Jerry Seinfeld for a considerable time, because he thought the episode was impossible for him to pitch.

He claimed that it probably would have been possible to have used the word "masturbation" in the episode (in "The Ticket"—an earlier episode in the same season—George says "you must have a good story; otherwise, it's just masturbation") although it would have probably ended up not being as funny.

George tells Elaine that Kennedy did come, but missed her and went with Marla.

They then see Kramer having sex with the naked woman across the street.

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