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(View full timeline.) Our videos, press releases, and writings on the subject have helped inform the public about the seriousness of this problem.

31 (Xinhua) -- Vietnam expects to have a sex rate at birth of 112.8 boys per 100 girls and an average population of 94.7 million in 2018, according to a conference held by the General Office for Population - Family Planning in Hanoi on Wednesday.

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En plus, il faut soit attendre la soirée, soit voir la personne plusieurs fois.

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  1. Thanks for publish this drama (⌒o⌒) i love this drama man ive just finished rewatching it and i still cant get enough of it its so different from other dramas so unique so light despite of the problems the characters are struggling with also the cast is perfect starting from park haejin who can switch from cold-hearted tough guy to adorable kid who needs affection and ending with lee sungkyung who is just ASTONISHING while playing so mischievous yet anxious individual i wish it was the end of my comment BUT let me tell you something about kim goeun's character i mean i can relate so much i feel exactly how she feels and i can learn more about myself just by watching it and kim goeun delivers it just right so its definitely a must-watch i never commented on any korean drama i watch first half of it was fun but the second half stared to get creepy, this drama should be renamed as psyco in the trap seriously, i feel bad for the baek siblings !! And the topsy-turvey love between the main characters also makes my heart flutter.?? the ending was not-little-buat-so much-full of confusing. Perhaps proper development of main characters should be emphasis. I personally think that it was Park Hae Jin who made this drama really fun to watch, he was so good that I fall in love with ? The other actors and actresses were also good but for me Park Hae Jin was the best.