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But first I decided to take a vacation to psych myself up for this because I was nervous." All the more impressive because Amora had never done anything like this. "I was like, 'Well, this might be interesting,' and when you said I had to get completely naked, I said, 'Huh? ' and they said, 'Uh-huh, and you have to play with your boobs and jiggle them,' I said, 'People do this? Finally I said, 'Amora, you can do this.' So I set up an appointment, met with the photographer and the makeup artist and here I am, doing this." One of SCORE and V-Mag editor Dave's most-recent memorable moments on the job, and he's had many, was, "Meeting newcomer Amora Lee during her first-ever nude modeling shoot.This beauty has one of the best natural racks I've ever seen." For Dave to say that, a guy who's met everyone from Linsey Dawn Mckenzie and Chloe Vevrier to Christy Marks and Karina Hart, is no minor comment. "I Googled you guys because a friend had told me, when I was thinking of getting a reduction, to do some modeling with my boobs, and I was like, 'No way!

gorgeous barely begins to approach it....i will never be able to praise her devastating beauty in that dress enough..... That top and skirt fit her curvy body like it was sprayed on.for so long women have been gettin their knees and suck sum big hard black cocky its time for the tables to turn about llow the bowcat..likkle bwoy dnt suck pussy eediat ting!!!! he cudda got a better looking hoe dan dat man jheeeze!!all u man saying hes moist for licking pussy probably love it when ur girl sits on ur face... i would understand the abuse if man was doing some gay shit..he aint he doing tings with a chick u likkle mans would dream of...wankers BABESTATION GIRL, SEEN HER BARE TIMES ON BABESTATION MY MAN JUST WENT BEHIND DA BACK OF THA NEWSPAPER AND GOT A BABESTATION ESCORT FOR THOSE WHO DONT KNOW! buttaz face , flat ars no shape ...u can tell shes fucked bare man an he sucking out her dutty pussy on a bare face video ..evn on a discreet tip *thumbs doooown* nasty piece of shi T!!"I had to do a little more research, so I did that, and then I responded, and then she asked me to do nude pictures, and I thought, 'Oh, my god, I've never done nude pictures before in my life,' so I was like, 'You want me to send them over the Internet? Pretty newcomer Ellis Rose chats about how and why she became a model and how she learned about SCORELAND.' So I'm standing there in my bathroom, and I'm like, 'Should I send this company my nude pictures? Read More » gorgeous barely begins to approach it....i will never be able to praise her devastating beauty in that dress enough..... I could just focus all my attention on her boobs all day… We learn about her interests and hobbies and what she thought about her experiences on the set. We can see why she draws guys to her like bees to a rose.NOW THAT IS A MODEL IS AN INCREDIBLY DROP DEAD SHOWCASE OUTFIT THAT WILL STOP THE EARTH so so incredible in that dress, the real essence of the stunning beauty of a classic TSG model in a dress.....i love it, to say the very very understated least OMG! After Amora took some pictures to send to the SCORE studio, she predicted what was going to happen. And that brings us to Ingrid Swenson, a SCORE WILF. A nurse and motorcycle rider who changed lanes to become an all-around porn star and entertainer, Sandra doesn't speak English.Amora Lee chats with TSG editor Dave and she's wearing the dress that she wore when she took her first very impressive pictures of herself and sent them to the SCORE Studio. If a guy was lucky enough to see Amora Lee walking around or shopping, he would see Amora wearing: "A sundress that scoops a little and goes all the way down to the floor or shorts and a body suit tank top kind of thing," Amora said. What we really need more of are hot, stacked babes who will drop their bras and show their stuff for the camera. Ingrid moved to the States and knew she had a great deal to contribute to our lives, unlike these dime-a-dozen nuclear physicists elbowing aside the really worthwhile people, like busty sexbomb blondes. No problem since our photographer is German and translates into English.When she was considering posing for the first time in her life, Amora Googled "big-breasted models" and SCORELAND appeared. I could just focus all my attention on her boobs all day long. Please hold onto her and keep her coming back for shoot after shoot. Start her off with a lot of solo shoots before offering her the ability to take the next step cause she�s pretty much a virgin when it comes to boob play. My Lord, I�d worship her with all that fun attention. "One thing people don't realize is that when a woman is as busty as I am and small-framed, she also goes up three shirt sizes. More cab drivers, stock brokers and computer programmers? Ingrid settled in trendy South Beach, a good place for a hot chick to live and share her anatomy. Miami has everything a horny mature woman could want. "I don't have any fetishes but I love deep-throating big cocks with gagging that brings tears to my eyes. A normal blow job is not enough for me."Amy Berton chats about her interests, having sex in an airport, having sex on the first date and what she likes to do to make her boyfriends feel special.They talk about her big boobs and they talk about sex--what she enjoys in bed and some of her memorable sexual experiences.She's a fun girl with a magnetic personality and natural sex appeal.

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