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Stephanie and the rest of the cast either did not mention Spencer or Heidi after the two were permanently axed from the series, or kept their comments focused on how no one knew what the couple were up to, and had avoided any recent contact with them. In 2013, Pratt made several appearances on television in the United Kingdom.

This included being a guest on the spin-off of Celebrity Big Brother, as well as making a special appearance from episodes two onwards on season 6 of E4's Made in Chelsea, a British equivalent of The Hills.

Stephanie Lynn Pratt (born April 11, 1986) is an American television personality.

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Below are some excerpts from what she wrote –“While in the house, a fight took place between me and another cast member.

Terri Arcelia from BET’s College Hill South Beach opens up about being kicked off the show.

Terri wrote a blog about her experience on the show a while ago.

After I was assaulted the producers disconnected the phone in the house so that I couldn’t call police and then had me basically held against my will at a hotel in Miami.

They wouldn’t let me get near a phone for hours until they had a camera crew to film me (I guess because they wanted to film me crying out for my mother).

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