Clfnm0113e errors updating view content

in Drupal \ Core \ Routing \ Router-I was having a similar issue and found it to be Views Bulk Operations causing the problem.I followed this comment's instructions to uninstall VBO before running the update and was able to get the Drupal update from 8.4.5 to 8.5.1 to complete - https:// Though now all of my /admin/config pages return "HTTP ERROR 500" - Either way, I hope the above comment helps.I'm getting a very similar error but don't have VBO installed.6 PENDING UPDATES views module Update dependencies for moved bulk field plugin.If central logging is not available, or not active in your SAP system, the relevant messages do not appear in the system log.--------------------- Result update: views module Update bulk_field_moved Failed: Symfony \ Component \ Routing \ Exception \ Resource Not Found Exception: No routes found for "/ start".If you have just had a system-wide problem, such as a database problem, then no further analysis is necessary. Depending on the error, you have access to the error message issued (with the point at which the error occurred), or to the ABAP short dump (raise exception) generated when the error occurred.

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