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Each one has a distinguishing feature that makes it an appropriate – or inappropriate – solution for your problem.It’s up to consumers to sort through the choices and determine which company meets the goal of eliminating debt.Counselors are trained and certified by the National Foundation for Credit Counseling.Services are available online, via phone and in-person in Orlando, Florida.Prosper services the loans on behalf of both borrower and lender. Comments Competitive interest rates and quick approval process make this an appealing choice. Process eventually will include hard inquiry on credit score, which must be 640 or better. BBB Accredited: Yes Company Description Wells Fargo & Company is the third largest bank by assets in the U. Services are available nationwide at Wells Fargo’s 6,000 retail banks, and also via telephone.

If they receive bonuses for selling additional services, that should be a red flag.

compiled information on six of the top debt consolidation companies in the United States and reviewed them based on services, fees, and reviews from the Better Business Bureau.

The ratings, plus tips on how to choose a debt consolidation company, are below.

Their method of debt consolidation is to take all past due bills and attempt to reach a settlement with each creditor. Comments Debt settlement does severe, long-term damage to your credit score, a fact the company admits on its website.

Some creditors won’t deal with debt settlement companies, but if you’re not worried about your credit score, this might be an appropriate option.

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