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This label was active from 1950 - 1957 and their releases included Aladdin, Sleeping Beauty and A Midsummer Night's Dream.

I haven't heard them myself so I can't confirm if the recordings match your description.

When I was a kid, we still had my mother's 78 rpm record player and her collections of childrens' albums from her own childhood in the 1950s.

There were a lot of old 10-inch records with it, but there were a few two-record sets that made particular impressions on me.

Anxious to escape the emptiness, I head out to seek company. Her place is warmly and carefully decorated: sofas, coffee tables and plants arranged in cozy clusters.Candy wants to show me a new photo of a crouching blank panther she has just put up, so we walk over to check it out.New people stroll in and Candy greets them with a wave and an enthusiastic "Hi!!!The insides of the double albums had cartoons of the things going on in the the stories.We had three such albums that I remember: A Midsummer Night's Dream (music by Mendelssohn), Sleeping Beauty (music by Tchaikovsky), and Aladdin ( I'm certain that we had at least one more, but it is escaping me at the moment.A mood at once gay and solemn is born in the soul when it first discovers a path to light out of the dark cavern of the body, and is made aware of wide realms to travel in with a higher order of beings as companions After booting up and getting online, I sip my coffee while I wait for the community to finish loading. My screen fills with the rooms of my house and I see myself standing expectantly at the living-room door.I am wearing what I picked out yesterday, jeans and a white T-shirt over my tall, slim and buxom female frame.Embodiment does not dissolve with the acquisition of an IP address.Symptomatic of body absence in theorizing about technology and communication, imagining the Internet as a "cyber-slate" wiped clean of social bias becomes a fateful misreading of the complexity of our interaction as embodied beings.For years, I have been trying to locate these audio recordings again, since the old records are now long gone.By I have no idea what label released them, or when they were made, except that it was probably between 19.

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