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This Pennsylvania native and Notre Dame grad has a big head, literally—that’s where all those impressive ideas come from.“I started doing stand-up to get over my anxiety about public speaking—not exactly an exciting quality in a trial lawyer,” Mundy says.“I’m single,” Charmaine shyly admits over the phone….She wouldn’t be for long if we had anything to say about it.Photos by Eric England It’s the year’s sweetest week, a time for romance, flirtation and maybe just a little lustiness. The Committee of Insiders has compiled for you, readers, a list of Nashvillians whose hearts, talents and, yes, physical manifestations get us all hot and bothered.

Founding director of Room in the Inn’s Campus for Human Development, Strobel found his calling in 1985, as he lay in his rectory bed and heard some homeless outside trying to find a warm patch of earth to sleep.

“I’ve learned that I’m much more at ease after four or five gin-and-tonics, preferably after 10 p.m.

I’m working on getting all my big court hearings moved to Friday nights at The Basement. No cover with an electronic monitoring bracelet.” Zing! Glory Coats The stylists over at Trim Classic Barber & Legendary Beauty in 12South are just as hip as the bustling salon’s crisp, vintage interior, but they aren’t always so gosh darn cute!

Not in things, near things, close to things, cooked in the same room as other things”—cuts and colors with the best of them.

Being a good stylist requires mastery of beauty-shop banter, and Glory is always up for offering relationship advice—she’s in one herself. “I would like to think he’d say my sense of humor, but after being with him for so long he probably doesn’t think I’m so funny anymore.” One glimpse at her funky style and crisply cut locks, and you know you can trust her to steer you right in the chair, even if you’re still reeling from the devastating knowledge that she’s taken.

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