Dating a recreational drug user

Download Etiquette for on-line dating and schoolyard bullying.

[mp3 file: runs ] Do Juno the five nominees up for Best Comedy Album?

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Download Exploring the link between ones heritage..eyebrows.From the Winnipeg Comedy Festival 2018, Christophe Davidson encourages you to be the best friend you can be. And Hoodo Hersi tells us how you can be part of the solution..the problem!Download The 'joys' of mental illness and casual racism!From the Winnipeg Comedy Festival, we are very pleased to present these two comedians who are new to our show.Sophie Buddle will charm you with her cheating-boyfriend-revenge jokes and Charles Haycock dispenses some love and respect for his Grandma.Download Immigrant Arthur Simeon declares Citizenship test "Wimpy"![mp3 file: runs ] The 'joys' of mental illness and casual racism!And Dave Merheje talks about his soccer Dad and struggles to air his family's dirty laundry.Download Why go to therapy when getting on stage and telling strangers is FREE!Updated: Saturdays Download episodes from this podcast for: 6 months Visit Show Site: Use the links below to download a file. Montreal's Jess Salomon breaks the ice by talking about her holy Jewish Palestinian union and Todd Graham drops his unique brand of comedic wisdom, showing us why his is one of the favourites on the Toronto comedy scene. [mp3 file: runs ] Adventures of a Newfoundlander in Calgary!Laugh Out Loud in the Summer with Newfoundland transplant Lisa Baker and newly married (? Download Adventures of a Newfoundlander in Calgary!

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