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Side note: If this analogy holds, that would mean that we’re in the seventh “day”. Wouldn’t it be interesting if that corresponded to some event in God’s plan for man?The Genesis code is definitely a movie that puts a new slant on unifying science and God’s word.This place is often called a “black hole.” What creates a black hole is the implosion of a star.For example, in the movie, they talk of a star whose mass is a couple million times more than our sun who implodes upon itself to the point where the star becomes a little dot like a grain of sand.This corresponds to what some scientists say is the age of the universe.8,000,000 4,000,000 2,000,000 1,000,000 500,000 15,750,000 To us it is 15,750,000 years, to the cosmic clock is six periods or “days”.However, after a point, the process had slowed down to the point that light could escape, and suddenly, in that first time period, there was light.Ergo, “let there be light.” The movie gives an explanation that shows that all of the days in Genesis can correspond to what happened in the many periods that scientists have proclaimed as existing in the development of the earth and the universe.

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This is spoiler on the movie so if you want to see it first now is the time to stop reading.

Today, CBR wavelength is about three cycles per second.

The passage of time at the time of the big bang occurred at a rate that was trillion times faster than today.

A person in a spaceship going near that black hole could start traveling so fast that their perception of speed would be different than the station that they embarked from.

In theory, a person then leaving that space station, let’s say, and traveling near the speed of light would “slow down” and not age as fast as the people at the station they came from.

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