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I don't want us to let life put a wedge between us just because we have jobs and kids and things like that." Still teasing Becky said, "I'm calling bull shit. You've got something up your sleeve for this weekend.

You're getting laid and you want to make sure you're still gonna get some buddy boy. You didn't drag us up here just to talk." I put on an innocent face and said, "I'm afraid I have no idea what you're talking about and anyway I wouldn't exactly say that you were dragged up here.

Also close to the Cherokee Indian Reservation 19 miles to the west and Asheville with the Biltmore Estate 30 miles to the east.

For the past few months I have been been having an incestuous relationship with my two older sisters Becky and Lisa.

As soon as I called you it was 'Great, count me in' so don't act like I had to twist your arm to get you up here dear sister." "So you're telling me you don't have something planned? Come on bro, I'm not that stupid." "Hay, what ever happens, happens. What ever it is I know it's going to be twisted." So we unpacked and showered off then each pitched in to make a kick ass dinner.

When we sat down to eat I got the ball rolling saying, "Okay, so the main reason I have you guys up here is to get on the same page with each other and not keep anything in the dark.

When the girls arrived I handed them their own personal thermos of coffee. That portion of the trip will take place as soon as we get unpacked and settled into the cabin. " Both girls answered, "Deal." We took the coast up into central California and spring was now in full effect.

They were surprised to see the motor home and excited that they would be riding in comfort and style. As we hit the freeway on ramp I said, "I bought some cinnamon rolls and have a jug of cold milk chilling in the refrigerator so help yourselves." Becky spoke up saying, "Right on Tone. This motor home is great." Lisa echoed Becky's thoughts and said, "It's awesome. It was stunning and the mood could not have been better.

But there's a snag, I've let my emotions get involved with both of you and as crazy as it sounds... That would be an unspeakable disaster that would destroy the family." I said, "I hear you Lis, I know.

I had been on a few fishing trips with my buddy so I knew how great it was but this was their first time up here so I was scoring points left and right with them.

The cabin was right on a lake with a mountain setting for a back ground. Even if a girl wasn't into the great outdoors, the sheer beauty would have her giving you her panties in a heart beat.

She has no kids and is one of those people that wouldn't give a fuck what people thought.

I'm sure she would be quite open about an incestuous relationship with her younger brother except of course our parents which brings me to my last point.

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