Dating double standards against men

Double Standard #4: Size Matters “Would you date a man who is shorter than you? This is a question I’d never really considered until a friend asked me a few weeks ago. I would like to think that if I’m attracted to a guy physically or emotionally, his height wouldn’t matter to me.I would also hope my weight wouldn’t matter to him.This way, if you want to go somewhere, but you aren’t sure about his money situation (or vice versa) the discomfort of having to turn down the opportunity due to funds is diminished.Also, I heard a doozy of an explanation on the woman vs man playing-the-field double standard. Men’s equipment doesn’t get all abused and stretched out the way a woman’s does.(At least, not to me and likely the majority of guys who wear their caps forwards.) It’s the fear that we will be perceived as losing control, and thus, our sex appeal would be destroyed. Picture a girl who was raped at some point in her life.Many people will see that as a strong emotional recovery from a traumatic event.When a man dates a younger woman he’s a god-like creature amongst the men. However, if a woman dates a younger man, she’s a cradle robber. If I find love in the form of a 25-year-old more power to me.He’s of drinking age (and that’s really what matters in my book).

That just means the woman isn’t doing it right – I left a trail of dried-up husks of men in my wake when I was dating!! ) Seriously though, whoever told you that is an idiot and doesn’t deserve to be allowed even to *look* at a woman.

You would think that most of them would have fallen to the way side years ago, it is 2011 after all, but apparently the double standards are here to stay.

I feel like I need to slap on an apron and bake some cookies to score a good suitor. Double Standard #1: Women Who Ask Men Out Are Desperate The biggest complaint I have with the dating scene is the assumption that men should be the ones to make the first move. Yes, it’s nice to have a man approach you and ask you out on a “date”, but if I know what I’m looking for, and am attracted to someone, is it really that horrible for me to make the first move?

Depending on how comfortable it is, she would probably have to wait quite a while in a relationship to reveal this to her guy, but it would likely strengthen their bond. People don’t even see the emotional recovery he had to go through. All people see is that someone was able to rape him, and that he had lost control and power.

He’s viewed as pathetic and weak, and has to hide this part of his life if he wants any respect from his peers.

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