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You will build a strong knowledge of the variations through experience.Remember, you are looking for an instrument that will have a very strong influence on your enjoyment of playing music!The higher numbers have more fancy decorative features in general, but do not necessarily sound any better than "lower end" models.I personally would be hard pressed to trade my A0 for an A4. The information following is not official as there are so many instruments that break the rules.Mine sat in the shop for 2 years after the first owner died, and it took about 2 weeks of solid playing to get it to have a "wide open" sound again..The best thing you can possibly do is try several different instruments.If you've discovered a well broken-in instrument that you like the sound of, you can move onto the next step- model verification.If the sound is "muffled" or unplayed, check out the following section.

All of the information within is as accurate as I can personally verify (ie don't bet the farm).Instruments can take anywhere from 1-10 years to really break in, depending on how often you play.Sometimes instruments that haven't been played in a while are "sleeping", it can take a month or so to "re-break" them.All of the above are signs of use and wear- they are not really bad in and of themselves, but they do indicate how much an instrument has been played.If your eyes tell you a story that is not compatible with the "mint condition" or "as new" description, be wary.The label will probably have yellowed somewhat with age, but a nice new-looking piece of whitish-grey speckled paper with crisp, clear writing does not neccessarily indicate a forgery.Back to the Index/menu of this guide You will want to make sure that the instrument you are looking at is the model that it is advertized as, becuase those little model numbers do a lot to the price of the instrument.Regular production began in the early years of the 1900's, and continued unbroken until the WWII years, and again afterwards up to the modern times. If it doesn't sing, forget it- there are enough of them out there that you will eventually find one that you like.The most generally trustworthy vintage Gibsons fall into the 1900-1930 years, when the instrument was popular and many were produced. Get a general impression from the instrument how "played in" it is...However, there are a few key identifiers: This one is easy.If it has a curlycue (bluegrass style) on the bass side of the neck next to the fingerboard, it is an F model mandolin. Wood quality improving (tighter grain, more "nice looking" features). Shaped and bound fingerboard extension (the little teeny frets that extend over the soundhole).

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