Dating new testament books

- Second Epistle of Peter Jude - Epistle of Jude Rev. The Apocalypse of Peter is mentioned as a book which "some of us will not allow to be read in church." See English text. An influential teacher in Alexandria, the chief city of Egypt. He mentions only two epistles of John, without describing them. One must do a little historical detective work to sort out the biblical references. In 6 CE Quirinius was sent to Syria as legate along with Coponius who would be the first prefect of Judea and a predecessor of Pontius Pilatus.This is assisted by Luke who mentions certain personages whose history is known. The registration and census of 6 CE is too late to be connected with the birth of Jesus. Besides the books indicated on the table the list includes the apocryphal Acts of Paul.

Archbishop of Seville (Spain), and founder of a school in that city. An eminent theologian of the Eastern Church, born in Damascus, but a monk in Jerusalem for most of his life. The whole document purports to be from the apostles, but this imposture is not taken seriously by any scholar today.

The table below shows which of the disputed New Testament books and other writings are included in catalogs of canonical books up to the eighth century. He accepted Hebrews as Scripture while entertaining doubts about its author.

Y indicates that the book is plainly listed as Holy Scripture; N indicates that the author lists it in a class of disputed books; M indicates that the list may be construed to include the book as Holy Scripture; X indicates that the book is expressly rejected by the author.

A catalog dating from the middle of the fourth century contained in two medieval Latin manuscripts, probably from Africa.

The authenticity of this list of canonical books has been doubted by many scholars because it is absent from various manuscripts containing the decrees of the regional (Galatian) Council. On the omission of Revelation see Cyril of Jerusalem above.

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