Dating show push in water

ANOTHER day, another dating show on TV, with the first episode of The Single Wives premiering - with mixed results.

The latest reality TV romance offering sees unlucky in love divorcees Sheridan, Sunnie, Emma and widow Nikki coached through four weeks of dating.

"This isn't just a noisy title" or a cheap ratings ploy, she insists.

Dating is a real quest for love — just an undressed one. Bare bums abound on all the shows, while the front sides of men and women are blurred to comply with basic cable standards.

Not put off by the fact he was wearing a fedora at night, Sheridan approached Chad at the end of the night for his number - only to be shut down with the worst excuse we have ever heard.

And you know what that means: Copycats and clones were quickly ordered up.

The fun-loving real estate agent star of TLC's Buying Naked is a nudist, but wears clothes as she's showing houses to unclothed potential buyers.

Among topics to consider: Kitchen counter height, and how that might hit a male buyer right in the you-know-what.

Sunday, Discovery is offering a sneak peek of a new Naked season (10 ET/PT ) that features a single man and woman who've never met in new, exotic locations.

TLC's Buying Naked, due June 28, focuses on a real-estate agent who works in Florida nudist communities.

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