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Want, a site built for men seeking matured women. Is Want a truthful dating service or is it a camouflaged scam that is trying to milk as many people for their credit card info?

Many of the dating sites we operate look like real dating sites until you join and start seeing all that flags that come with so that we know what to look for. Want is part of a large network of dating sites that we have already exposed in the past from .

And it doesn't matter if we have a profile age of 30 years old or 80 years old the scenario is always the same.

Emails start pouring in regardless of what we put in your profile.

That's the reason that they use computer software to send "winks" that are automatically generated and sent to thousands of their free users on a constant basis.

Below we took a screenshot of the profile page we created for this undercover investigation.This is the main reason that website such as this one resort to criminal and fraudulent activity by creating fictitious profiles.They don't have enough female members registering.For this reason we can only assume every profile on bogus.It's easy to get men to register on casual hookup sites but women don't flood in like the men do.This is just more proof that this website is completely rigged against men looking to hookup with real mature women.(Screen shot of our blank profile page.) Below we have included some parts of the terms and conditions page where the website's administrators admit that they create profiles which are maintained and managed by their employees.The "winks" are completely automated (using computers to send you winks) meaning no one is actually clicking a "wink" button and sending us a "winks" to flirt with us. Using very sophisticated computer software programming (bots) they can make it appear as if you are receiving real "winks" from real people.It's too bad that it's all a trick used to make you think that a variety of different women on the site are actually flirting with you. The bottom line is this, they try to trick you into believing real women are flirting with you and are interested in you. These computer software programs are designed and built to automate the whole "wink" process on the website.You have no way to identify which profiles are truthful and which ones are untruthful.There is no identifying logo or some special icon to see if what you're looking at is real.

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