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We have 44,000 world followers on Facebook,” added Walker.

“They bring tax dollars into our community and this will unfortunately curb that if they are gone.” But the BLM says they are operating on a federal mandate to manage the number of wild horses in the state — and overpopulation is destroying the habitat and resources for other native wildlife.

He has been fined ,000 for aiding and abetting Rieta Dufurrena in violating NCHA non-professional rules and an additional fine of ,000 for aiding and abetting Brandon Dufurrena in violating NCHA non-professional rules.

He will be on membership probation for a period of three years following the end of his membership suspension.

“And management means just that — to not let them prolifically keep breeding and destroying all other wildlife in the range.

Darting contraception is only between 68-86 percent effective, said Lesieutre, and only “slows the population growth.” “It is a great tool once you’re at appropriate management levels because what that does is expands the time between when you need to remove horses from the range.” The BLM last rounded up 67 wild horses living outside the management area in November 2010, including a herd in Fish Springs.

The contraceptive pilot program began in 2014, was temporarily stopped in 2016, and reinstated the following year.

“As of March 1 there was a wild horse population of about 775 horses [in the Pine Nut Herd Management Area], and the high appropriate management level is 179.” (Fish Springs is located just outside of the management area, but the horses filter back and forth over the boundary, according to Lesieutre.) Lesieutre says there is not enough water and food in the Fish Springs habitat to support the current population.

It’s true across Nevada, which at last count has 44,000 wild horses — nearly three and a half times what the agency has determined as the high appropriate management level.

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