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However, Hulu’s Limited Commercials option still has multiple ad breaks throughout its shows, in which case, we’d recommend keeping HBO as part of your TV package.

One last thing to keep in mind with DISH package pricing: it doesn’t include the (excellent) Hopper 3 DVR or its additional receivers.

and still have time to binge Silicon Valley before DISH starts charging you for the privilege.

Just remember that after 3 months, you’ll have to add HBO to your service to the tune of per month if you want to keep watching.

If it wasn’t already clear by how many times we’ve mentioned it in this review, we’re big fans of DISH’s Hopper 3 DVR.

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Plus, you’ll get access to channels like the NHL and MLB networks, so you can watch more than just football.Customer service could be better, but DISH still makes it pretty easy to get the channels you want without too much fuss.Most importantly, it won’t hike up the price in the middle of your contract, and the Hopper® 3 DVR runs circles around its main competitors.You’ll pay per month for the DISH Hopper and an extra – per month for each Joey receiver, depending on which model you choose.Competitors might charge more mid-contract, but some services like DIRECTV include DVR and additional receiver costs in their pricing to begin with.The app lets you watch shows and recordings both online and off, so planes, trains, and automobiles are all fair game for binge-watching (though maybe not if you’re the one operating them)., for when you want to see deception in high definition.With 2,000 hours of SD storage, you could save up enough content to binge-watch TV 24/7 for almost three straight months before you ran out of shows. Alexa already works with various streaming services, but DISH is the first TV provider to offer an integration feature for people who want to combine their traditional TV service with their favorite home automation system.We’d be concerned if you actually did that, but we’re just saying . If you already ask Alexa to stream music, turn off the lights, or play audiobooks, then you’ll love this integration.If you want to catch a lot of games, you’ll want to consider a Multi-Sport pack add-on to get NFL Red Zone, which you can use to watch college and professional football.However, even DISH’s lowest priced package includes ESPN, so if you just want the highlights, you’re good to go.

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