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Before it didn't seem like they were doing that, but I may have just missed it. It's either gonna be a brand new character or no one. The one line from last season that stood out to me the most was when Eric told Sookie that he missed the girl in the sundress who was a waitress blah blah blah and she said she missed that girl too and she was going to get her back.I don't think being in a relationship with Sookie would be the same as being in a human relationship. That conversation makes me think that the ending to the show will end up like the books. They've both moved on from each other and it honestly felt like Sookie just settled for the one guy who was as normal as she was going to get.because alan ball when he ran the show said he thought Bill and Sookie were always soulmates, and Bucky, the man now in charge of the show said in the behind of the scenes of last seasons finale that the moment at the end of the show is the first steps towards sookie and bill finding each other again I would be okay with that.

Having said that, I'm not a fan of Sookie Sam. I'm a big fan of Sookie/Eric, myself, but I really can't see it going this way (assuming he's even still alive...). I mean, at the end, did they start dating because he came to Terry's funeral? I have been holding out hope that the writers/producers of the show will see just how TERRIBLE that outcome was. What kind of life could Sookie have with a vampire?

She and Bill are history, and frankly he was never the boyfriend she needed at all. I know many did not agree with who Sookie ended up with in the books, but I do feel that unless she is turned, or a vampire becomes human this won't happen.

I agree with this :) I personally think (even though they've been through a lot of shit), they both love each other and always will, even if she's still pissed... As amazing as Eric is and everything, don't get me wrong he's a hottie... Whenever Bill is close idk Sookie still goes all soft and everything.

If anything, he’s very clearly invested in their relationship since he spent seven years on the show, and fans are still rooting for the Bill-Sookie pairing to pay off.

Many fans consider them to be the show’s ‘endgame’, i.e.

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