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There are other techniques to authenticate clients, e.g. Identity Server includes support for private key JWT client secrets (see RFC 7523).Secret extensibility typically consists of three things: Our default private key JWT secret validator expects the full (leaf) certificate as base64 on the secret definition.Make sure, you provide a client_secret before requesting for access token AADSTS70002: Error validating credentials. This error comes when supplied client_secret is not same as configured on portal, or client_secret is not configured.

In case the password of the "Service Principal" has expired the mentioned error message appears.

For that purpose you can assign a list of secrets to a client or an API resource.

Secret parsing and validation is an extensibility point in identityserver, out of the box it supports shared secrets as well as transmitting the shared secret via a basic authentication header or the POST body.

State is a key from the client and it can be any unique key you want.

The same key is returned in response to make sure access token is returned to same client who requested it. Header After providing all parameter values, click on Request Token, it will prompt Microsoft Login screen to enter credentials.

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