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I’ve have female friends who laughed about what the site says they do and don’t want to hear. Larger then the next 4 largest free sites combined last I heard. And its 100 percent free to have a profile and message and IM to your hearts desire. Actually the BEST people to answer this question are probably men with an upgraded profile if you think about it.It don’t even keep you logged on long enough to write a decent message. You mean to tell me you want a computer to pick your women for ya? I can use advanced search and pick out me women just fine. We know EXACTLY what to expect with an upgrade and the REALISTIC expectations. Cowboy The only way I've been able to notice paid members so far is if they have a "badge" on their profile which you can hide. It makes you look desperate and they will not like you ANY MORE FOR DOING IT!7.(Use themes on profile) ------ Umm you get those for free after you build up 5000 points , so having a nice background on my profile wont increase my chances . 8.(Stand out in all searches.) ---- this one could be worth it.. 12.(Check out the hottest girls in your area who respond to messages.) -----Lol at this one .. what if not looking for hott girls and im looking for someone that i can just get along with. a guy looking for quick hookups is highly unlikely to buy paid membership on this site, and you could clearly point that out on your profile to those women who read it. I'm not sure exactly how its picking these supposed 'most compatible' people.but no one i've seen on that have really struck me as being the type that i would message. I upgraded because i needed to see if my emails were read or not, i have a specialized messaging technique and this information is useful to me beyond 'oh darn i guess she doesn't want to talk!I'm paying the membership fee for any of them that give you "more exposure" in one way or another.For example, this site shows paid members first on the "Meet Me" apparently, so any slight amount of exposure I get from more women seeing my profile from that is worth the paltry monthly fee in my opinion. Part of the problem is that a lot of women don't even bother searching for guys, since they have such a ridiculous avalanche of mail every day.I think I'm less likely to respond to someone with a paid membership.It bothers me to think he'll be checking to see when I've read his messages and then waiting for my response.

Also in terms of female motivation, I suspect that men have it harder in the 18-30 age bracket than do men in their 40s and 50s.

I don't know what searches differently means but if it means that the paid members just show up first, then I would pay for that. There is no real need to see if they read your messages or not.

Either they will respond to the message or they won't.

(Access to Ultra match )---- not to sure what thats about, but sounds like that might be worth it, maybe i can search more with more details as in what im looking for. (See if my e-mail were read or deleted) --- i can live without that which i have been since they took that way.

And what if it doesn't triple , do i get my money back? does a girl care if i send them some kind of smilely that only last like 2-3 weeks on their profile.. i think not.10.(Earn 100/150/210 credits depending on membership to be used for placing giftson profiles.)---- same answer as number 9.11.(This upgrade more than doubles your chances of meeting someone) ---- Promise? For something that will cost me almost 100 bucks a year to upgrade .. Seems like a little too much when half of this stuff use to be free. As far as I am concerned there are a couple slight advantages things you get (the ability to see if they read your message and last online times in inbox)Two more very useful features. Which for me is VERY different then the normal viewed me page showing only the FIRST time. I feel the main benefit of having an upgraded profile is that is shows your more serious.

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