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In the time between the first and second survey, so much of our communication technology was changing so rapidly.Facebook wasn’t a publicly available website in 2005 and Twitter hadn’t even been invented yet.Though they technically did have their first date at the former Grand Rapids coffee house Four Friends, for the first couple of years they were together, they didn’t mention the whole e Harmony thing.“I remember when we initially started dating, Ariel said, ‘Don’t tell people we met on e Harmony,” Ben said.“I think that’s kind of indicative of the small town issue with dating websites because it’s not introducing you to anybody that you don’t already know and in its worst case scenario, it’s somebody you know too well.” Sean is in a committed relationship now with someone and although he did not meet her on Tinder, the two reconnected using the app.While he will tell you he thinks “it’s generally kind of accepted that Tinder is a nightmare,” and nobody who uses it takes it too seriously, he will admit those kind of online dating platforms are still very much a part of what it means to be young and single in 2015.” However, what Tayler -- and so many other skeptics of online relationships, for that matter -- don’t realize, is that 11 percent of all Americans 18 years and older have some kind of online dating profile.So if having an online dating profile suggests a person is “too weird” to find dates in real life, it also means not only do 1 out of every 10 Americans fit that bill, but so do the people implicated by the 42 percent of adults in the U. who said they know someone else who belongs to an online dating network.

Conversely, while 29 percent of 2005 respondents agreed with the statement: “people who use online dating are desperate,” that number fell to 21 percent in 2013.

Sitting at a table in a noisy Grand Rapids bar across from the first Ok Cupid match she’d ever met up with in real life, Tayler Keefer couldn’t help but ask her date one question.

“I’m not weird and you’re not weird, so why are we both looking for dates online?

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