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But computer dating has been around for far longer than Tinder, Grindr, or even the personal computer.The first computer dating systems looked something like this: Your preferences were written down, usually in questionnaire form. You received a printout with addresses, so you could write to your matches. No pictures, and no information about their preferences, were included.In the 1960s, a computer dating service called Operation Match appeared to take the world by storm.It began by matching up students at Harvard, and then quickly moved on to advertising and selling its services nationwide—much like Ok Cupid and Facebook (which began life as Facemash, a Hot or Not knockoff) did decades later.She was smart but extremely dyslexic, at a time when dyslexia was mostly unknown—people called her stupid instead, if they had the chance. Hiding her disability as she started work, Joan pulled herself up by her bootstraps, asking help from no one.In the 1950s and 1960s, the culture of Britain was bottled-up and buttoned-down.

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Women's bodies were even more likely to be represented as sex objects in advertisements or considered sex objects in their relationships.

Joan suffered physical abuse at the hands of her mother, who, it seems clear, was mentally ill herself.

After struggling for years with a difficult home life, it was Joan’s eventual refusal to take further abuse that caused her mother to involuntarily commit her.

Joan left the hospital disoriented and disheartened.

At nineteen, she felt like her life might be over before it started, forever marked by the stigma of having been involuntarily committed.

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