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I have recommended AFF to men who are in what I consider to be sexless marriages; their wives libido’s for one reason or another no longer exist and they no longer get sex.

I always tell them to hit up AFF for a play partner and the feedback I received was fantastic.

It’s not like you can put a profile on E-Harmony and tell everyone you love being spanked. But that doesn’t mean you can’t find the perfect person to share your life and your kink with.They are one of the oldest on the net for alt and no strings sex for a reason! It’s been around the longest and has the largest database of members ANYWHERE on the net. Standard Membership is FREE and allows you to chat, instant message and browse member profiles.Other memberships start as low as .95 per month and Gold is only .95 per month.Remember, you are a sexual being and just because someone has cut you off for whatever reason, doesn’t mean you have to suffer. Again, run by the folks at ALT they have a massive database of sexy partners who want to play, ‘on the side’ with ‘no strings’.Adult Friend Finder is another site that’s been around since 1996 as well.Every body and their brother has a ‘dating site’ now but that doesn’t mean that they are worth your money.These are tried, tested and remain true because THEY WORK! For years I’ve asked my clients who I know have used online services for their fetish what service they use and every single time they tell me ALT! With over 2 million members you’re sure to find that perfect playmate and who knows maybe a life long partner.You’ll probably notice that there are only 2 places I recommend.That’s because after owning my own dating site for many years I know quality when I see it.Keep your fist-pumping to a minimum, please, lest you repeatedly want to tell someone to F-off.Offended countries: Singapore, Japan, and The Philippines What you think it means: “Get over here!

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