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Cactus Jack , newglasses, I thought I would take a few minutes and explain a bit about how Vision works. That in turn means that everything beyond about 31 cm or 12 inches is increasingly blurry, unless you also have some Astigmatism.

A Sphere prescription of -3.25 means that you have Myopia or "built in" 3.25 reading glasses.

Think about my words, you might agree after a weeks time??

Maxim , With a -3,25 prescription, in my eyes, you don't need the glasses for listening to the radio, but for all other activities like watching TV, driving or bike riding, going to the movies, reading bus or traffic signs, or seeing, which person is waving friendly from the other side of the street, you are much, much better off with glasses on.

I feel there is no choice, but you should not be unhappy, just look for nice looking glasses resenting a nice appearance.

And, be happy, as with an "3,25 only" prescription, problems like retinal detachment or usually NOT linked.

Turn your pessimism into optimism, look into a good future of your vision development.

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