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In [Service], a sequence of custom scripts is specified to be executed during unit activation, on stop, and on reload.There are several use cases for creating unit files from scratch: you could run a custom daemon, create a second instance of some existing service (as in Example 10.19, “Creating a second instance of the sshd service”), or import a Sys V init script (more in Section 10.6.3, “Converting Sys V Init Scripts to Unit Files”).One common mistake for users coming from Redhat or Debian based distros is to try to create/delete the links from /etc/init.d to /etc/rc N.d, either manually or via a program such as update-rc.d.SUSE uses the metadata in the comments at the top of the file to manage the links and the correct sequencing.Community, in Debian based distributions, one can easily manage init-scripts, i.e.placing links from /etc/init.d/ to /etc/rc(0..6).d/ directories respectively removing them (to enable/disable services in appropriate runlevels) with a script called "update-rc.d". In Debian based distributions it works like that: In open SUSE you use /etc/init.d/skeleton to make a new script in /etc/init.d/.

Table 10.2, “Systemd Unit Files Locations” lists three main directories where unit files are stored on the system, the service.

The following steps show how to create a unit file for Emacs, so that it can be handled like a service.

System Administrators often need to configure and run multiple instances of a service.

Have you installed all the packages associated with doing that thing?

To me, "script" sounds more like a meta-syntactic name for a script.

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