Dont know if you have any advice but the website took the remaining money from me and I had a friend make a fake chinese girl and they used my pics to send her a letter.I wrote them stating that this is fraud and I want my money is the responce that came earlier today: Dear Sir, In regard with the questions you’ve raised I can tell you the following: 1.composition is surrounded from three sides by a stylized black contour of the Western tower of the Csis castle ruin; inside the contour, there is a regular colour field in the prime colour of the Csis town flag; the colour field is crested with the name Csis; the colour field is concluded von einer stylisierten schwarzen Kontur des Westlichen Turms der Schloss-Ruine von Csis; innerhalb dieser Kontur befindet sich ein rechteckiges Farbfeld in der Grundfarbe der Stadt-Fahne von Csis; das Farbfeld ist mit dem Namen Csis geschmckt; das Farbfeld endet mit der Inschrift tall oatgrass, crested dogs, tall fescue, Westerw grass, flattened grass, wood meadow grass, kentucky blue grass, smooth meadow grass, all interhybrids and intercorps hybrids of grasses, flax, garlic, celery, mangold, savoy cabbage, cauliflower, carrot, lettuce, radish, spinach, hop, black cherry, raspberry Wiesenfuchsschwanz, Wiesenrispengras, Wiesen-, Rohrschwingel, Ungarische Wicke, alle Hybriden zwischen Hybriden und Arten von Grsern, Blumenkohl, Himbeere, Hopfen, Knoblauch, Lein, Mangold, Mhre, Radieschen, Salat, Schwarzkirsche, Sellerie, Spinat, Wirsing sowie alle Sorten von Zierpflanzen, die KZZ zur Zeit prft).Etwa zehn Kilometer von Pocon, kommen wir auf das Eingangstor des Pantanal Nationalparks an, wo die Parkstrae oder die Transpantaneira, eine gepackte Schotterstrae, beginnt, und wir machen eine Foto-Safari der Flora und Fauna des Pantanals.As the four had never ever been parted and actually had not learned much about the world outside of their area, we only wanted to place them in twos, and so the acquaintance took both the boys Armagnac and Asti Spumante, and here are since then only Amaretto and Da die vier nie getrennt worden waren und nicht wirklich viel von der Welt ausserhalb ihres Areals kennengelernt hatten, wollten wir sie nur noch paarweise abgeben, und so nahm unsere Bekannte die beiden Rden Armagnac und Asti Spumante, und hier sind seither nur noch Amaretto und the CULTURAL DAYS is the appearance of this excellent acting duo, a married couple, who will slip into the roles of Josefine Weninger, the coquette of the Vienna jeunesse dore, and Alfred von Wilmers, a well-to-do man about town.Disclaimer regarding pictures posted on the board: please understand that you are NOT looking at the pictures of people who are actually scamming you.The people portrayed on these photos are innocent men and women, NOT involved in scamming in any way and have nothing to do with scammers.

Everywhere, the level of interest was immense, from the gala evening held at a restaurant in "Bangui-la-Coquette", the nickname of the Central African Republic's capital, to the support of this Bujumbura man armed with a loudspeaker forecasting the FIFA President's Ob nun der Galaabend in einem Restaurant von "Bangui-la-Coquette" (Bangui der Schnen), wie die zentralafrikanische Hauptstadt auch genannt wird, oder jener Mann in Bujumbura mit dem Megaphon, der schon mal die Zukunft der FIFA prognostizierte: "Nchste Amtszeit?

They search through the social networks and dating sites databases, to see if a person with such email is registered somewhere.


Though it looks like those are the same site and share the same profile database, you can see profiles of each other and supposedly message each other, but you cannot login at "another gender" part with your username, and messages from real women to real men aren't being delivered.

The site owners put real ladies at "for honest" part of the site and make sure that their anoying messages never reach men and are not in the way of their "business"!! I can bet that all info in WHOIS is a bogus, no point of even looking there. I just wonder, how many other "agencies" operate like that??

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