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We need to make sure that people are living a good lifestyle like our other members, and they’re successful, too.“Ten thousand pounds isn’t a lot of money for clients, they regard it as money well spent.“They could be spending a lot of money on a car or a holiday, and here they are meeting people who have been matched and checked out and it’s safe.”• makes it less complicated if we are in similar financial situations’“SUCCESSFUL international businessman, 49, healthy and comfortably off.“But the people I am meeting are likely to be work related and my social life is spent with close friends and not on the look-out for my future wife.”Emma says many of the agency’s clients are stuck in a similar rut. They work in a close bubble and have a small social bubble, too.They find they are not interacting with the people they may want to form a personal relationship with.“It’s that they get there and there’s no-one there for them.

According to Emma Budgen, who runs the new Edinburgh base – the matchmaking agency’s only UK office outside of London – there is a healthy demand from Scottish high earners who simply don’t have the time, the right social network, or the desire to dodge the hen parties in George Street on a Saturday night in the search for prospective partners.

Unfortunately, however, on the occasion that he did just that, his “perfect match” turned out to be slightly too close for comfort.“I once picked through the offerings on an online dating site and was horrified to see myself matched with one of my employees,” says the city businessman, who wants to remain anonymous.

“I immediately changed my Google search to ‘introduction agency’!

“Because they are high profile they don’t want to use the internet dating agencies.

They want to keep it very private, so they come to us.”The organisation, which charges clients £25,000 if they want to broaden their search for love across Europe, rising to £40,000 if they are hunting even further afield, includes actors, entrepreneurs, media professionals, bankers, judges and academics among its clients.

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