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The book of Revelation, is the completion of the plan first revealed to Daniel in the Babylonian and Persian kingdoms over 2500 years ago. Daniel follows a turbulent and period in Israel’s history.Israel and Judah were buffer nations between the powerful nations of Egypt, Assyria and Babylon.The reason Daniel is placed in the Kethubim, (writings), is not because Daniel is considered less inspired then the prophets, as some critics claim.Daniel is in the third division because Daniel was not called a section was reserved only for books written by those addressed as prophets.

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He furthermore alleged that “Daniel” did not foretell the future so much as he related the past, and lastly, that whatever he spoke of up till the time of Antiochus contained authentic history, whereas anything he may have conjectured beyond that point was false, inasmuch as he would not have foreknown the future……The Aramaic langue was the common language or century B. Aramaic in Daniel’s day is equivalent to English in our day.Daniel 2:4 to would be accessible to any literate, Greek, Babylonian or Jew in Daniel’s day and later.Babylon was a once former great kingdom dominated by the Assyrian Empire. C., Nabopolassar became the king of Babylon he challenged Assyrian control. C., with the aid of the Medes and Scythian hordes, Nabopolassar sacked the Assyrian capital of Nineveh.Assyria, following the sacking went into a quick decline, the armies of Assyria abandoned the cities of Haran at the approaching Babylonians in 610 B. Egypt allied itself with Assyria against Babylon to retake the city. C., Egypt was trying to inherit the what remained of the Assyrian empire, resulting in the battle of Carchemish. Nabopolassar also died, and his son Nebuchadnezzar commander of the Babylonian forces returned to Babylon. Josiah reinstituted the Covenant, celebrating a national Passover, and destroying idol worship (2 Kings 22-23).The nations are subject to the will of God, not the will man, and God will preserve His people through trouble.By revealing specifics of His plans, God prepares and encourages His people for the future.Daniel confirms the identity of Jesus Christ as Messiah, by foretelling the exact month and year of Messiah’s death and the destruction of Jerusalem and the Temple following.The book of Daniel lays the groundwork for the return of Messiah, detailing events that will take place in the end of days, leading to the return of Messiah.The revival prepared a select group of Jews for the coming exile and future destruction of Jerusalem. Daniel, was a young man probably about 14 to 15 years of age. C., (Jeremiah 1:1-2) Jeremiah was in his 22 These dates are arrived by specific references to events and reigns of kings in Judah, Babylon and Persia.Daniel was a contemporary of Ezekiel and Jeremiah all three being in Jerusalem when Daniel and his friend were taken captive to Babylon. Nebuchadnezzar, Cyrus and Jehoiakim, historical kings of Babylon, Persia and Judah, can be dated and verified outside of the Bible, using the dates of these kings, a reliable dating for Daniel can be established.

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