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Jacob tried to wake up his classmate Lucas Sims after he became "unresponsive" during story time at Loesche Elementary.

When the second graders in Room 202 at Loesche Elementary saw that their teacher couldn’t get Lucas to wake up, some rushed over to help.

“The concern on her face was very reassuring,” Chris Sims said.“If she felt this way about my son, it put me at ease.” By p.m., more than nine hours after Lucas was poisoned, carbon monoxide could no longer be detected in his system and he was discharged. The school district halted the roofing job the same day and said it would investigate what went wrong.(The district said Wednesday its three-month-old inquiry is ongoing.) Robert Ganter Contractors won the Loesche roofing job as the "lowest responsible bidder" for .6 million.And when the district does get to the repairs, its in-house workers and outside contractors often create bigger problems: doing shoddy work that has to be redone or leaving behind lead dust, asbestos fibers, and other toxic materials, according to the newspapers’ own independent testing and analysis of district records.Reporters also found that the School District of Philadelphia, as it had at Loesche Elementary, routinely does major building renovations during school hours — even though the U. Environmental Protection Agency strongly recommends against it.Melissa Ann Shivers (second from left) picks up Jacob at William H. In January, Jacob and his classmates ended up in the emergency room after carbon monoxide was accidentally circulated into their second-grade classroom.“I come to pick up my child and he’s not here, so how can I take their word that he’s really OK?On his way to his truck, he saw a fire engine with sirens blaring roar toward the school. He watched paramedics put his son in the back of an ambulance, clip a pulse oximeter on one of his fingers, and head to Abington Memorial Hospital’s emergency room.By the time Sims arrived, Lucas and another boy were in the nurse’s office. The paramedic told Sims his son had carbon monoxide poisoning.Too many times the district failed to adequately oversee the work and ended up making the same mistakes at other schools, according to the newspapers’ analysis of five years of internal maintenance logs.“The problem is oversight,” said Arthur Steinberg, head of the Philadelphia Federation of Teachers Health and Welfare Fund, which tracks building conditions.

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