Is chris trousdale dating anyone

Besides photo evidence of members Jesse and Matt Ballinger hanging out in L. But as fandoms do, Dream Street's has started internet campaigns in hopes to get the group back together.

They would be a perfect addition to the My2K Tour this summer, don't you think?

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Although their reign in the pop music world was short-lived, Dream Street successfully embodied what it was to be a boy band in the new millennium and provided us with some solid teen dance tracks from 2000 to 2002.

Baldonieri and Lukow denied the charges, with Baldonieri saying the parents were the ones setting a bad example.

The adults were "teaching kids you can sign anything, then lie, cheat, and defame people for your benefit," Baldonieri said.

Consisting of five members, including Jesse Mc Cartney, Chris joined Dream Street in 1999.

The group released their self-titled debut album in 2001 which was #1 on Billboard's Independent Albums chart its first week of release.

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Trousdale's ability to captivate audiences caught the attention of two producers who were putting together a boy band in New York City.

Two of the teens received pornographic E-mails from a band investor, the court papers alleged.

The mothers of the singers also claim that the executives called them "dumb housewives" in front of their sons.

The lawsuit seeks back pay and the release of the singers -- Jesse Mc Cartney (15), Frank Galasso (17), Matthew Ballinger (16), Gregory Raposo (16), and Christopher Trousdale (16) -- from their current contract.

Baldonieri said the parents were trying to make a financial killing now that the five-member group has become popular.

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