Is dr travis stork dating jillian michaels

Maria joins The Doctors to discuss her recent weight gain and her new photos that she’s proud of.

Could Manuka honey be liquid gold from Mother Nature?

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Sometimes when you’ve been taking care of your eating habits for so long, your body just wants a deliciously disgusting fast food meal, after all we are humans. The dairy industry claims consumers are udder-ly confused about non-dairy products labeled “milk.” Bills in the House and Senate aim to ban the use of the terms “milk,” “cheese” or “yogurt” on products derived from plants like soy or almonds. Let’s be honest â€" coffee is ah-mazing, but it has its downsides.

Luckily, there are plenty of ways to eat your favorite festive treats without going overboard (and feeling crummy the next day). Garth Davis join The Doctors along with personal trainer Jorge Cruise and pediatric endocrinologist Dr.

Robert Lustig to debate the science used in the documentary “What the Health.” Are the cereals in the grocery aisle labelled as “wholesome” and “nutritious” actually good for you? Travis arranges a sugar intervention, without taking away the sweets.

Pam and Drew transformed their lives together after Drew was diagnosed with diabetes.

Here’s a look back at these couples’ weight loss journeys. Kristi Funk has dedicated her entire career to preventing and treating breast cancer.

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