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This paper (and its supporting database) provides quantitative data that, in many cases, using open source software / free software (abbreviated as OSS/FS, FLOSS, or FOSS) is a reasonable or even superior approach to using their proprietary competition according to various measures.This paper’s goal is to show that you should consider using OSS/FS when acquiring software.Organizations can transition to FLOSS in part or in stages, which for many is a more practical transition approach.I’ll emphasize the operating system (OS) known as GNU/Linux (which many abbreviate as “Linux”), the Apache web server, the Mozilla Firefox web browser, and the Open office suite, since these are some of the most visible FLOSS projects.[it] does a wonderful job of bringing the facts and figures of real usage comparisons and how the figures are arrived at.No FUD or paid for industry reports here, just the facts”.But although most people understand the need to compare proprietary products before using them, many people fail to even consider FLOSS products, or they create policies that unnecessarily inhibit their use; those are errors this paper tries to correct.This paper doesn’t describe how to evaluate particular FLOSS programs; a companion paper describes how to evaluate FLOSS programs.

This is followed by a description of the rest of the paper’s organization (listing the sections such as popularity, reliability, performance, scalability, security, and total cost of ownership).

Some sites provide a few anecdotes on why you should use FLOSS, but for many that’s not enough information to justify using FLOSS.

Instead, this paper emphasizes quantitative measures (such as experiments and market studies) to justify why using FLOSS products is in many circumstances a reasonable or even superior approach.

The 2004 report of the California Performance Review, a report from the state of California, urges that “the state should more extensively consider use of open source software”, and specifically references this paper.

A review at the Canadian Open Source Education and Research (Can Open ER) site stated “This is an excellent look at the some of the reasons why any [organization] should consider the use of [FLOSS]...

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