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The million estate of Lance Armstrong’s dreams is hidden behind a tall, cream-colored wall of Texas limestone and a solid steel gate. His close friends joke that Armstrong, who is agnostic, engineered the project to prove he didn’t need God to move heaven and earth.

Visitors pull into a circular driveway beneath a grand oak tree whose branches stretch toward a 7,806-square-foot Spanish colonial mansion. It was once on the other side of the property, 50 yards west of this house. For nearly a decade, Lance Armstrong and I have had a contentious relationship.

"Lance and his representatives worked constructively over these last weeks with federal lawyers to resolve this case fairly, but those talks failed because we disagree about whether the Postal Service was damaged," Armstrong attorney Robert Luskin said in a statement to news outlets, including CBS News.

Armstrong and USADA officials talked on and off over a couple of months about the terms under which the cyclist might sit down for a long interview to tell all he knows about doping in cycling, but Armstrong said he would not cooperate.

The Justice Department has joined a lawsuit against disgraced cyclist Lance Armstrong that alleges the former seven-time Tour de France champion concealed his use of performance-enhancing drugs and defrauded his long-time sponsor, the U. The Justice Department announced its involvement in the case Friday afternoon, saying Armstrong, team manager Johan Bruyneel and team owner Tailwind Sports had "illegitimately procured" tens of millions of dollars.

The suit the Justice Department is joining was filed in 2010 by former teammate Floyd Landis, who was stripped of his 2006 Tour de France title for doping.

If the case ever goes to trial, that argument could persuade a judge to allow in a huge amount of evidence on Armstrong's use of performance-enhancing drugs dating back to the 1990s — evidence that would be barred from the government's court case as too old if there were no extended conspiracy.

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Earlier in the day, Armstrong's team said lengthy talks with the government had failed.

Armstrong's last sponsor for his final two Tours de France was Radio Shack, in 20.

The studies for the Postal Service state that the agency reaped at least 9 million in worldwide brand exposure in four years — million to million for sponsoring the Armstrong team in 2001; million to million in 2002; million in 2003; and .6 million in 2004.

In time, he had made enough connections and had cultivated a reputation in the Olympic sports world for being so good at his job that he was hired as a soigneur for the Subaru-Montgomery professional cycling team.

Eddie Borysewicz, a former United States Olympic cycling coach, was in charge of the team, owned by Thomas Weisel, an investment banker who would eventually own the United States Postal Service cycling team.

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