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LBFM meaning via Urban Dictionary There is a reason that the biggest girly bar area in the Philippines is located next to the US Air Force Base.

When I first hopped on the sexpat message boards there were all sorts of terms I didn’t know.Watch regular guys fuck legal young Oriental pussy and ass for little money!is jammed packed full of Filipina prostitutes from throughout Metro Manila and the rather vast surrounding areas of the capital of the Philippines.When I asked what it meant I just got laughed at (message boards can be tough places for noobs and monger boards are no different.) What does LBFM mean? The term was first getting kicked around back during the Vietnam war when there were so many American soldiers all around Asia.The movie Full Metal Jacket popularized the fact that army frequented hookers over here.We have thousands of naked Asian girls just waiting for their foreign boy friends.I have always thought there are several types of beauty, and one of those are when even a girl who is not that pretty has a strong sexual charisma.As I have said countless times on this blog they are just hornier than other girls you find in Asia.When you meet a girl off Filipino Cupid she may look like a sweet innocent virgin but kiss her on the neck and she may ride you all night until YOU ask HER to stop.We had never met before and 2 minutes after meeting her (at my apartment) she was deepthroating me. She blew me multiple times that first day because she was on her period. Then she went back to Manila and I never heard from her again. But most will just lay back in bed with a towel waiting for you to join them again.Two days later when it was cleared up we fucked 6 times. To me that hornyness is really what sets living in the Philippines apart from other places in Asia.

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