Mambo dating

Even if I do not necessarily agree with all the time I really enjoy the creativity.

Look up Dewey Cox's "Let's Duet" or check out this video:

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I give it an dance to ..lyrics~~~~~~~~~~~~oh wait I still think I'm rating songs on American Bandstand..........short term memory is the first to go.......that long term memory ............ When it comes to songs I am pretty broad in terms of what I like and accept.

It's a fun music and if you see most women as not being offended, then why take worry? It's a cool song and I'd rather listen to something light hearted about women, than hearing women called ''bit ches'' and ''ho's'' in songs. v=3ABbuf86j Lcconsider that some cultures are flaunt their bad boy behaviour a bit more than others.

Listen to the song ''freak a leek'' and it's like Mambo to the next level. I find a song like that, which is just being light hearted, and not too serious... That is interesting Psycho, (Francis wants to called Psycho)I have also wondered why so many women seem to like to most mysogynistic music.

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