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The beauty and manners of the Northern Lanna women to me, when compared to other Thai women, is as different as night is to day.I’ve found dating in Chiang Mai to be a unique experience.I’m not talking about the ones you find in expat spots, such as Zoe’s Bar, which are but a fraction of a minority of women in Chiang Mai.

Although, as my friend stated in his previous article about dating in Thailand, there are some universal dating rules across the board, it’s definitely best to approach Chiang Mai girls more cautiously.

You’ll have to make an effort to learn some Thai if you really want to meet the cream of the crop.

I recommend steering clear of expat spots, where you’ll find plenty of promiscuous types flogging themselves as virgins.

It’ll be a lot easier meeting an English-speaking Thai girl in an expat club like Take It, Spicy, or Zoe’s.

The type of girl you meet there, however, is not what I would consider a traditional Thai. So despite them saying they are single, , and readily giving you their phone number, they may actually be talking to tons of guys and also have a boyfriend.

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