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Alicia realizes that she needs to learn to face her fear and deal with the situation head-on.

The next morning Nikki heads to Brie's hotel room, but when Brie doesn't answer, Nikki has to get let in by security staff.

She is shocked to find Brie is still bed when they were supposed to work out together!

Then without warning, Brie throws up all over Nikki!

Despite their weird current situation, he agrees to help in any way he can. It's obvious he still cares for Nattie…Back at the arena, Alicia decides that she's going to work up the courage to go and talk to her ex!

Yikes…Later, Nattie pulls TJ aside and tells him that she needs his support and wants him to talk to her dad.At least they can move on now and still be friends!Nattie's dad comes over to hang out with her and TJ in the Jacuzzi.When she finally gets a moment along with Wade and asks why he broke up with her, he tells her that he didn't see himself spending the rest of his life with her and that he felt it was necessary to do it.While it's hard to hear the truth, at least Alicia finally has closure and two exes share a hug.At the arena, Nikki runs into Brie before their match.Nikki si concerned that Brie's game in the ring will be affected but Brie insists that she will be just fine.On the way home they phone Nikki, who is not too happy that they're still out partying!Back at Rosa's, Alicia crawls into bed with her friend and gets emotional.She reveals that her dad has struggled from addiction problems in the past and is still trying to deal with the fact that he is now a retired wrestler, which he has been having trouble facing. Backstage, the Divas meet with Mark Carrano who goes over the details of their upcoming European Tour.To add to the excitement, Brie and Nikki Bella reveal that they will be presenting at the MTV European Music Awards!

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