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After countless centuries of oral traditions being passed on, the Blackfoot, Pawnee and the Sioux were extremely adept at being successful warriors.

The Pueblo Indians, such as the Zuni and Hopi tribes, of the southwest were more peaceful people, making decorative pottery for their food supplies, which consisted greatly of wild rice, corn, and squash.

Large game such as moose and caribou was their main food source, and they endured very harsh freezing winter conditions.

These northwestern tribes all put a huge emphasis on kinship and family, and shared a sacred communal aspect of their culture.

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The term Native American was originally introduced in the United States by anthropologists as a more accurate term for the indigenous people of the Americas, as distinguished from the people of India.

The Paiute, Shoshone, and Ute were widely known for their decorative art forms.

The Northern Ute, and in particular the Uncompahgre Ute from Colorado, are exceptional artisans and produced extraordinary examples of religious and ceremonial beadwork, unusual art forms, and cunningly designed and decorated weapons of war in their traditional culture.

They would hunt the desert game, but for the most part did not war with each other like their fierce cousins to the north and northeast.

They were incensed by some of the cruel and insensitive missionaries, but could do little to prevent the overwhelming influx of Christianity.

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