Overly accommodating

As I volunteered to do more and more, people began to expect that I would do everything for them.

I volunteered to do the bulk of the work for projects at my job.In the article “5 Ways Being Too Nice Can Hurt You,” written by Jessica Stillman and published on Inc, Stillman reports that being too nice can lead other people to see you as being weak.Not only can this result in other people taking advantage of you, but it can also lead people to not see you as a strong leader or authority.I backed down from my requests if they inconvenienced anyone else.And my free time was spent giving, giving and giving.In my job, I found that when I gave too much and didn’t establish enough boundaries, people did not give me credit for my accomplishments.Because I did not value myself, they did not notice all that I had done.It just means that your needs are important as well.I thought that people would like me better and see me as more valuable if I gave as much as I could. Those around us will value us as much as we value ourselves.As I began to set limits and ask for help when I needed it, people began to notice and appreciate my contributions.According to the Power of Positivity, when you are being too nice to others, you develop unrealistic expectations for them to do the same.

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