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By contrast, Tyler grew up in a spacious home in Knoxville. "But he wasn't that type of kid, and Pat wouldn't have allowed it.He saw how hard she worked and the results she got."He is so committed, but sometimes it's my job to tell him, 'OK, you need to relax just a little.'"Pat was 22 when she was hired as Tennessee's head coach in 1974.It was a vastly different era in women's athletics, but even in those days that was a lot on the plate of someone so young."When I took the job, I had to learn on the fly," Pat said.No, he didn't have to throw hay bales or those things, but he understood the value of work."Tyler often has told the story of how, when he was cut from his middle school basketball team, Pat told him that if he wore out a couple of basketballs practicing, he'd make it on the squad the next year. Mitchell has found that Tyler never needs a nudge to get going.To the contrary, he has to have gentle reminders to slow down."I had to actually send him home during the summer; he was getting in at 5 or 6 in the morning," Mitchell said."We'd chat cordially when we'd cross paths."Which didn't happen often, other than sometimes on the recruiting trail.Marquette and Tennessee have met just twice: in 1996, when Mitchell was in her first year as the Golden Eagles' head coach, and in the 2011 NCAA tournament second round.

And she readily admits she was wary about Tyler's age."I think that Tyler has been learning all his life.But this experience at Marquette will prepare him to be a head coach, because he's at a completely different program and in a different conference."While at Tennessee, Tyler walked onto the men's basketball team and played for both Bruce Pearl and Cuonzo Martin.He had graduated from Tennessee in three years and was still just 21 when he applied at Marquette in April.He wouldn't turn 22 until September."He called, and literally it took maybe 10 minutes and I knew I wanted to bring him in for an interview," Mitchell said. I felt like I was talking to someone in his 30s."I moved quickly. Hearing what he believes, his philosophies, his views on offense and defense his eagerness to do the job was just pouring out of him."What's so striking about Tyler is that he has so many of his mom's characteristics despite having a significantly different life than she did growing up.Pat was born in rural Tennessee in the 1950s to a farming family that raised tobacco and other crops, along with dairy cows.Discipline and intense physical labor were, frankly, requirements if you wanted to eat.Pat embraced relentless expectations and maintained them after she left the farm.But you could say she really had little choice but to work so hard in her youth. Summitt, is a banker, and his mother is one of the most respected figures in college sports."Look, Tyler could have been a spoiled brat," said Tennessee coach Holly Warlick, who has known him since he was born.In August, Tyler Summitt was meticulously prepared -- his standard operating procedure -- to propose to his high school sweetheart, An De Ragsdale.The fact that he'd recently undergone an emergency appendectomy was of no consequence.

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  1. Pat, get this under control or I'll assign you to debug Bright's computer. I hear having all your organs and blood replaced with biomechanical sacks will cure that right up. I can't find the reason of this security mismatch, my best bet is that somebody fucked with the codes as a little practical joke.

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  3. It sounds obvious when I write it out, but in real life, you do need to keep clear on where you’re coming from. Adding to this point, I would also avoid words like “never” and “always” when it comes to things he does. He even said he loves me after only 2 weeks of dating. He talked to me about how he miss his family and working has caused him to neglect his family and life. He calls me everyday and we just stay on the phone for hours. He even introduced me as his girl and made his kids think we were still together. It was just not the same and it went on for 2 to 3 months . He said his job is killing his fatherhood, relationship with me and other things. It really define men and women brelationship, I think.