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Look forward to that day to be alone with yourself as you would a date with another. Sometimes they may not look or act the way you imagined them to be.

But on this date, youll pamper yourself rather than someone else. Not everyone is a model or playmate and your true soul mate will more than likely not fall in that category.

The following exercise guides you through a date with yourself. Soon youll begin experiencing orgasms without ejaculation. If you should ejaculate, take a break for twenty minutes then continue. Alternate pleasuring your genitals externally, internally and simultaneously to experience the various types of orgasms.

Why can Google find us no non-Starbucksian “Norse woodcuts”?

Because by the time woodcut images on paper arose in medieval Europe, around 1400 give or take a decade, there weren’t any people left that you could properly call “Norse”.**** Indeed, at that point the Norse hadn’t been a going concern for a couple of centuries.

Nevertheless, Melusine remained the patron of the house of Lusignan, watching over her descendents and guiding their fates from afar.

The only question that remains, I suppose, is why the founders of Starbucks thought that anyone would believe them when they claimed they had originally used a sixteenth-century Norse image.

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